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Presentation Awards:
  • Enéas Ricardo Konzen
    Prospects for an association study of DREB gene nucleotide polymorphisms and drought tolerance traits in wild common bean accessions. (Authors: Enéas Ricardo Konzen; Jorge Carlos Berny; Andrea Ariani; Siu Mui Tsai; Paul Gepts)
  • Takaya Iwasaki
    Comparative phylogeography of Japanese deciduous broad-leaved forests using geographic information system tools. (Author: Takaya Iwasaki )

Guidelines for poster presentation
    - Format: 1m high x 0.90m wide;
   - All poster will be displayed in a single session (February 3rd - Wednesday, 14:35);
Guidelines for oral presentation
    - Please pay careful attention to the time limit to avoid any program delay. There will be a timer as reminder of     where you are in the presentation.
    - Presenters do not have to bring their own computer. There will be a Windows based laptop computer that        will be available in the session room. 
    - Your presentations will be accepted in USB Flash drives.
    - Participants scheduled for the morning should have their presentations ready the day before, while those        scheduled for the afternoon should have theirs ready by lunch. 
    - We encourage presenters to provide presentations in PDF format to avoid any formatting or other issues.